Yes. I’ll take all of them.

So fuckin cute
So I finished my dry-run skirt c: really my 2nd time really sewing anything, and im pretty proud of myself. Ended up adorning the whole ensemble just because I could. Now to get down and make the actual skirt I intend to wear! p.s. - this has turned out to be a fabulous way to deal with the old bed sheets from my college days ^^’


Fan Art Friday!
I’ve been having great conversations with vikingcarrot, who was one of those people that was a mutual follow, but I never actually got to get to know. I absolutely love her characters, but (to no one’s shock) their magnificently huge, surly Drakkari Jinzel is my favorite. So, my first Fanart Friday piece goes to him and all of his big, hunky savageness.
*steals him away into my collecting of troll husbands*

Reblogging this again for Trollin’ Thurs-Friday because I really like it.